The UKEMS programme will run from the afternoon of Sunday 2nd to the morning of Wednesday 5th September.

Keynote speakers
Ketan Patel: Reactive aldehydes as a source of endogenous DNA damage and mutations in stem cells
Miriam Poirier: Linking DNA adduct formation with human cancer etiology
Robert Turesky: Assessing exposures to dietary carcinogens: strategies and approaches for human biomonitoring

Jim Parry Award Lecture
Peter Farmer: DNA and protein modification by genotoxic agents

Plenary speakers
Jonine Figueroa: Modification of smoking and occupational exposures on bladder cancer risk by common genetic polymorphisms
Peter Møller: Three decades of the comet assay: are we ready for another 30 years?
Stefano Bonassi: Biomarkers of DNA damage in clinical practice: the example of frailty status in elderly
Shareen Doak: 3D liver spheroids for genotoxicity testing
Lieselot Hemeryck: Investigation of the genotoxic effects of red meat digestion by means of DNA adductomics
Julian Sale: Repriming limits R-loop formation at DNA secondary-structure forming sequences
Jo Morris: BRCA1-mediated fork protection
Jessica Downs: Protective packaging for DNA: chromatin remodelling complexes and genome integrity
Michael Routledge: Epigenetic and transcriptomic response to aflatoxin exposure in vivo and in vitro
Jacqui Shaw: Liquid biopsies of breast cancer
Kevin Hiom: RNA processing and its impact of genome stability- when two worlds collide
Bozena Smolkova: Can cancer risk be identified early in life?
John Wills: Using in situ cytometry to characterise interactions of food grade titanium dioxide particles with intestinal immune cells in vivo
Jill Kucab: Whole-genome mutation signatures of carcinogens in stem cells
Simon Reed: How chromatin is remodelled during global genome NER: origins of repair
Matt Tate: Challenges of assessing NIAS genotoxicity in food contact materials (Non-intentionally Added Substances &/or None Identifiable Hazardous Substances)
James Whitwell: Extended treatment with recovery is required for detection of certain chemicals in the human peripheral blood lymphocyte (HBPL) micronucleus assay
Amy Wilson: High content comparison of GeneTox responses in parent and p53 knock out cell lines
George Preston: Untargeted albumin adductomics for biomarker discovery in environmental epidemiology
Moritz Gerstung: Mutational signatures in C elegans and human cancers